Danforth East Wellness health clinic


Danforth East Wellness provides chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine, registered massage therapy and acupuncture in our beautiful clinic.


We mainly practice diversified chiropractic at Danforth East Wellness, however, treatments are always tailored to the individual’s chiropractic preferences, based on an open dialogue between patient and practitioner.


Naturopathy is a holistic and individualized form of medicine.  It blends conventional and evidence-based medicine with more traditional & natural treatments.  It can be used to address a wide range of illness, including acute & chronic conditions, preventive wellness, and health optimization.  As an integral part of your health team, Dr.Nicole, ND helps you explore your path to whole health and happiness with individualized care plans.

Naturopathic doctors possess the skills to treat patients using diet and lifestyle advice, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, naturopathic manipulation, physical therapy, homoeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine & acupuncture.  We will address the root causes of your health concerns and the pillars of good health to allow you to be your best self.


Massage Therapy is the hands-on manipulation of soft tissue to help ease muscle and joint pain, increase circulation, as well as promote a general sense of well-being. A typical massage treatment will involve a health history intake, assessment and treatment. Massage Therapists are regulated health care professionals governed by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Massage Therapy can treat a wide variety of conditions including back, neck, and shoulder pain, headaches, injuries such as sprains and strains, sports-related or repetitive strain issues like tendinitis, pregnancy, and lymphedema. Relaxation is also a key factor in optimum health and should not be overlooked.

Most insurance companies cover massage in their benefits. Please feel free to call our clinic and enquire more about how you might benefit from massage or to book an appointment.


Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction while encompassing whole-body health and performance. Using a soft touch, practitioners release restrictions in the soft tissues and the dural tube that surround the central nervous system, in turn restoring the natural flow of cerebrospinal fluid. It has a long history in osteopathy dating back to the 1900’s. The pioneers, Dr. Still, Dr. Sutherland and Dr. Magoun, worked tirelessly for over 50 years to develop its foundation.  From the 1970’s onwards, Dr. Upledger continued their work in collaboration with doctors and scientists to bring us craniosacral therapy, as it is known today. CST is particularly effective with a wide range of medical conditions such as concussion, low immunity, high stress, neurological issues, frozen shoulder, TMJ syndrome, migraines, circulation and, skeletal misalignment such as scoliosis and slip and falls.  Pediatric practice includes treatment for flat head syndrome, breastfeeding issues, birth trauma, torticollis, colic, and, tongue ties. 


Dr. Elisa Petricca completed her Acupuncture training at McMaster University via the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program. Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment option for a variety of conditions including, but not limited to, headaches, neck and back pain, sciatic pain, osteoarthritis, and sports injuries (strains, sprains, tears). The initial assessment is typically 1-1.5 hours in duration and includes a detailed history, physical examination, diagnosis, report of findings, and treatment if deemed appropriate. Follow-up sessions are approximately half an hour in length. Acupuncture treatments can be provided on their own, as well as in conjunction with the chiropractic care we offer!

Dr. Nicole DeYonge, ND utilizes the diverse benefits of acupuncture as part of individualized care plans.  She is trained in both medical and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture to merge both eastern and western benefits.  Cupping, auricular and scalp acupuncture may also be used during your treatment to augment these benefits.  An initial consultation is required where you will complete a detailed medical and TCM intake. Dr.Nicole then develops a custom acupuncture protocol for follow-up visits of 30-45 minutes each. Conditions that are often addressed include body pain, injury, arthritis, headaches, allergies and sinusitis, stress, anxiety, fatigue, digestive concerns, fertility and reproductive health, dermatology, and more!


We have interferential current (IFC), microcurrent, and ultrasound at our facility as adjuncts to our treatments.  ‘Homework’ in the form of exercises or stretching is also something we often utilize.  This supplements our treatments and allows us to maintain achieved gains and to progress successes.


We would be more than pleased to perform the biomechanical and gait analyses to assess your needs with respect to orthotics.

The initial visit for orthotics is approximately 30 minutes in duration.  We will take your history with respect to your issues, perform a postural examination, and, analyze your gait and biomechanics.  If deemed that orthotic therapy is applicable, a signed consent form will be required, and then a foam cast of your feet will be taken.  This will be sent to an orthotic manufacturer.  A deposit of $150 is required at this time.

We will call you when the orthotics are received (approximately two weeks later).  We will assess the correction when you pick them up.  The balance of the orthotics is due this visit.  Final paperwork is available for submission to extended insurance if required.