Renee Long, RMT

Renee Long’s (she/her) passion for craniosacral therapy grew from her love for her son after the sudden appearance of his epilepsy during early childhood.  Her concern for her child set in motion her commitment to learn craniosacral therapy from Robert Harris and Alix McLaughlin, co-founders of The Cranial Therapy Centre.  Her journey led her to become a craniosacral therapist. With her extensive experience, her practice includes treating newborns, toddlers, children, and adults.  She additionally uses the modalities of Reiki and fascial release to enhance her practice.

Craniosacral therapy treatment roomThrough her early professional ballet training at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, Renee has an attuned familiarity with body movement, which allows her to discover the source of pain or dysfunction, wherever it may present in the body. She graduated with a Masters of Fine Art from Concordia University and integrates the creative aspect of her artist’s mindset with craniosacral therapy.

Renee decided to become a Registered Massage Therapist in 2014 to allow her to expand her knowledge base on behalf of her clients. In addition, this RMT designation allows insurance coverage for craniosacral therapy.

Renee enjoys taking photographs, writing poetry, and riding her electric scooter where she can have fun and feel inspired! Email Renee.