Sarah Podolsky, BA, RMT

Sarah Podolsky (she/her) graduated in 2011 from her massage therapy program in BC, where she learned a variety of techniques over 3000 hours in 2 1/2years of study. She then moved back to the Toronto area in 2013. Sarah has taken extra courses in Manual Lymphatic drainage through Dr. Vodder to be able to help with inflammation, swelling, and lymphedema, which helps a variety of patients, in particular with those who have had cancer treatments.

Sarah Podolsky's massage therapy treatment room at Danforth East Wellness Her knowledge in the myofascial field is continuously growing, including some experience with Kinesio taping. Sarah’s whole-body approach to work means that if it is possible, all sides of the body are treated using various levels of palpation. She is enthusiastic about working with colleagues from different schools and backgrounds, making it possible to share and expand knowledge.

Aside from working, she likes to sing in a group setting, read, and attempt to grow herbs in her apartment window. Email Sarah.