Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle modality performed with a light touch during the treatment. The client (adult, child or baby) remains fully clothed, and sessions last for one hour.  Clothing should be loose-fitting and relaxed to allow the adjustments to take place. It is best to avoid jeans. The initial assessment is one and a half hours long in order to allow for a history intake, treatment, as well as home care to support the first treatment. It is beneficial to be well-hydrated for the session, and it is recommended to bring a water bottle to the treatments, to allow for the best possible outcome. Newborns and toddlers, in particular, become thirsty in the midst of treatment, which is a normal and positive result. The treatment time for newborns can vary depending on each child’s presentation, such as lack of sleep, colic or discomfort from torticollis. Craniosacral treatments can help to calm children. The post-treatment time with respect to children is devoted to home care taught to the parents, specifically focused on each child’s condition. Please know that great care and individual attention will be given to each client.