Initial Visit
Budget for a time of 1- 1 1/2 hours for Chiropractic care. A complete history will be taken, and a thorough physical and biomechanical evaluation pertaining to the complaint will be performed. The working diagnosis and results will be discussed, and a treatment plan suggested during a report of findings. If appropriate, treatment will be given and home care will be assigned and explained.

Subsequent Visit
Budget for a time of 15-30 minutes. We start with an update of your condition, perform some objective tests, and continue treatment based on a combination of the results and treatment plan.

Budget for a time of 30-45 minutes. Assessments of the progress of your condition occur on an ongoing basis, but a formal reassessment occurs either at the end of treatment or at the 24th visit. Reassessments occur with new injuries or with significant changes to the current issue.


After the initial assessment, follow-up treatments are approximately 30 minutes. When acupuncture is combined with a chiropractic adjustment, it is approximately 45 minutes.