How To Survive Sitting For A Living

Sitting is important to our lives and bodies, but we aren’t meant to do anything in excess. Sitting for long periods of time can create stress on our physical bodies, and anything that affects the physical body can spiral and create stress in other ways.

What are some of the things that sitting for long periods of time can affect adversely, you may ask? It puts pressure on our spines, and contributes to postural strain. The hip flexors and hamstrings can become short and tight and spinal support muscles can become weak or stiff. This all contributes to a potential for low back pain episodes. Also, if you are at a computer there are all sorts of issues with eyestrain, repetitive strain of hands/wrists/arms, and anterior head carriage which can all lead to things like headaches, neck and shoulder pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Ugh.

Unfortunately that’s not all… and now for the super scary stuff. It is associated with increased mortality rates overall, and increased mortality rates due to the development of cardiovascular disease. There is also an increased chance of developing diabetes, and you may be prone to depression.

Oh my goodness! But don’t freak out, there’s a very easy, unbelievably super simple solution. Set an alarm of some sort so you stand up every half an hour. That’s it. Seriously. Just stand up. You don’t need to walk around or do anything else. Easy right?

Now do it. Your body, mind, posture and emotional well-being will thank you. As will I, less work for me to do when you come in! Everybody wins.