our vaccine policy and you

Our vaccine policy and you

We thought we’d reach out to everyone just to re-iterate and reassure you that the practitioners and staff at Danforth East Wellness are always considerate of your care and safety. Covid is something we are still navigating even as the province is opening up, and this is just a little reminder of some of the ways we are continuing to ensure the well-being of everyone at the clinic!

In case you didn’t know, we have a vaccine policy at the clinic that states that all practitioners and staff on premises must be fully vaccinated. Everyone (practitioners and staff) is comfortable and happy in sharing their fully vaccinated status. We feel it is important on many levels for us to provide this information to you. We are also clear and transparent about the fact that your vaccination status will not be judged at the clinic and will not affect our care for you in any way or form. 

Masking is still required as always for practitioners, staff and patients. If you do not have a mask on hand we will provide one for you.

All of the procedures we have put in place for the last two years such as disinfection, hand washing and sanitizing, air quality, contact tracing and daily self-screening are still in full effect. They have worked well for us, and we intend to keep doing all of the things we have put in place.

We continually strive to respond to your needs and safety, as we try to keep everyone at the clinic healthy and well. 

Feel free to connect with us if you have any questions or concerns!


The Danforth East Wellness Team

masking in the clinic

Masks are required in the clinic

We know that the mask mandate has been lifted, however we are continuing to mask in the clinic! We are a health care clinic, and as such, for the safety and comfort for our staff, practitioners and your fellow patients, as well as our requirements from our regulatory bodies, we ask that you mask while in the clinic. As always, we have surgical masks (ASTM level 2) we can provide to you if you don’t have one with you.

Also just a gentle reminder to remember to be kind and considerate to each other out in the world, regardless of personal decisions regarding masking, as we’ve all been through a lot!