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C-Section Scar Release Therapy

A C-section (caesarean section) delivery should be treated with extra care! – it is a major abdominal surgery after all. During recovery, the birth parent is encouraged to rest and give the body time to recover.

 During this time, symptoms may include:

• Pain – including local discomfort at the site of the scar, low back pain, hip pain, etc.

• Swelling and/or redness

• Altered sensation at the site of the scar (i.e. loss of feeling, numbness)

• Difficulty engaging the core and connecting to the deeper abdominal muscles (specifically the transverse abdominus)

• Emotional trauma

After about six weeks of natural healing, there are other treatments available to help.

 What is scar release therapy & how does it work?

This treatment involves the use of low level micro-current (electrical impulse) on either side of the c-section scar. MPS (micro-current stimulation) helps to reduce the build up of scar tissue and improves blood flow and circulation to the injured tissue. This can help to:

• Reduce pain levels

• Normalize sensation

• Relax and fade the scar

• Decrease overall stress on the body and nervous system

The number of sessions will depend on the depth and age of the scar as well as how the body is generally responding to the treatment. Most individuals will respond within 3-5 sessions.

At Danforth East Wellness, caesarean scar release therapy treatments are performed by a Chiropractor, which may be covered under your healthcare plan.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any further questions regarding this treatment!