Fatima Patel

Fatima Patel, psychotherapist in training

Fatima Patel (she/her) is a psychotherapist-in-training with a background in Early Childhood Education. Her therapeutic approach is an Integrative-Holistic Therapy model in which she blends elements from different approaches to tailor care for each client based on their unique needs. 

Her core beliefs and values are firmly rooted in kindness and compassion, for ourselves and our shared humanity, irrespective of any and all differences.  As such, she doesn’t place value in pathologizing or labelling-whether assumed or assigned- beyond discerning the meaning and impact of such on her clients.

She most often relies on Humanistic, client-centred approachesin which she sees her clients as inherently worthy individuals who are best suited to be the experts on their own lives

With heavy influence from Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry model, Narrative Therapy, and Internal Family Systems models, she uses empathy and compassion to provide a safe, non-judgemental, trauma-informed space where she can meet her clients where they are and work with them to identify cognitively, relationally, physically, emotionally and behaviourally any barriers that are preventing them from accessing their desired resources. 

She utilizes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectal Behaviour Therapy and her still growing knowledge of Somaticand other therapies to aid in such.

It is her hope to support her clients in cultivating and strengthening their sense of self awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion as they work towards navigating and overcoming the various challenges, transitions or circumstance that bring them to seek therapy while journeying with them to reach their desired therapeutic and lifestyle goals. Email Fatima.

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