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Lactation and Infant Services and Prenatal Classes are coming to Danforth East Wellness!

Danforth East Wellness is extremely excited to introduce new services to the clinic! Kate Sissons (she/her) will be joining us at the end of August. She is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and will be providing lactation and infant feeding services as well as prenatal classes. Learning to feed a baby is a steep curve that involves acquiring a multitude of new skills. Kate’s sessions will help you feel more comfortable in your positioning, more confident in your technique and more informed about up to date information on infant feeding. There are four different types of lactation and infant feeding sessions available. They include Chest and Breastfeeding Support, Pumping Support, Bottle Feeding Support, and Solid Food Introduction. The initial session duration is usually 1hr and 15mins, and subsequent appointments are either 30mins or 60 mins long. 

Prenatal classes will run approximately once per month, and can be in private or semi-private formats. There are three different modules with topics such as Birth Preparation, Baby and Postpartum Preparation, and Infant Feeding Preparation. In Birth Preparation sessions the topics that will be covered include: possible and sure signs of labour, anatomy and physiology of birth, the emotional and psychological elements of birth, comfort measures for birth, medical support measures, and, inductions, augmentations & surgical births. In Postpartum & Baby Preparation sessions the topics that will be covered include: what to expect immediately after baby is born, what to expect from days 1-3, bathing, diapering and soothing your baby, feeding your baby – breast/chest, bottle and pumping, safe infant sleep, and, preparing for your postpartum recovery.

Kate is also a doula and yoga instructor, and, a trained primary school teacher. She lives near the clinic with her partner and three young children. When she’s not working with or talking about babies – or chasing after her own children, she can be found in a yoga, Pilates or barre class, or drinking smoothies or tea with friends.

We are so lucky to have Kate joining our team! Feel free to email her directly at kate.sissons@danfortheastwellness.ca for any questions or further information. 

The Danforth Wellness Team

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