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Welcoming Danielle Adler to the psychotherapy team!

We are so excited to be welcoming Danielle Adler (she/her) to our psychotherapy team! She will be accepting clients in September on-line, and will have some in-person sessions available beginning October.

Danielle is primarily a relational therapist although her approach is informed by Gestalt Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Emotionally-Focused Therapy. Her focus is on couples, parenting, and individuals confronting challenges in a relationship with a partner, child or parent. These primary connections in our lives can be both demanding and fulfilling. It is frequently those closest to us who evoke our most intense emotional responses. A session for couples, or two people in relationship, can include intimate partners, parent/child, co-parents, and siblings. Danielle’s work with clients is grounded in empathy, compassion and practicality, with a view to creating meaningful, connected relationships.

As a mother of two teens and in marriage for over 20 years she has a lot of personal experience with many stages of life. She admits that her marriage has been a rollercoaster, and the outcome of challenging, meaningful work with her husband has been very rewarding. 

Danielle connects and de-stresses through volunteer work and teaching morning fitness classes, and in a previous life, Danielle was admitted to the Bar of Ontario.

We think that Danielle will be a wonderful member of our team and we are looking forward to working with her, and having her work at the clinic! You can book a 15 minute free discovery call with her by emailing her at Danielle@danfortheastwellness.ca

The Danforth East Wellness Team

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