Wonderful Wednesday!

Sometimes Wednesday can be that ho-hum part of the week, where it seems like it’s taking a long time for the weekend to arrive. This Wednesday June 8, however, is WONDERFUL! Dr. Elisa Petricca is returning to practice after her maternity leave. She is one of our chiropractors, and also does acupuncture. Also, Anton Komar will be joining the practice, and will be offering Japanese Shiatsu Therapy. This is the first time the clinic has had the opportunity to offer this amazing technique!

In case you were a bit fuzzy on details, Dr. Elisa graduated from CMCC in 2015 and completed the McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program. She is also certified in the Webster Technique, specifically used to care for pre-natal patients. Dr. Elisa is a certified Yoga Instructor and believes greatly in movement to help the body heal. She often incorporates yoga based exercises for her patients to take home to help improve the body’s mobility and alleviate tension. Dr. Elisa was involved in competitive dance throughout her childhood and teenage years and understands the demands of physical activity on the body. She encourages her patients to take an active role in their journey towards optimal health. Her goal is to restore function, prevent injury and assist her patients in achieving a healthy, active lifestyle. Now with personal experience being a new parent, she is able to bring even more knowledge and empathy into her work with infants and families.

Anton Komar graduated from the Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo (Toronto) in 2009. He is a Shiatsupractor which is a designation used by those who practice in the traditional Japanese style which was developed by Tokijuro Namikoshi. In Japanese shiatsu, the therapist uses only hands, primarily the thumb, to gently but firmly press various points on the body. This pressure not only stimulates the skin but also the underlying muscles, blood vessels, nerves, endocrine glands and other organs. A shiatsu treatment is often used to relieve muscle stiffness, stress, promote blood and lymph circulation, and to treat a variety of health conditions. Anton is also a passionate musician, gardener, and loves casual sports and other physical activities. He can also be found practicing shiatsu at the luxurious Iwa Spa.
Let’s make your Wednesday a wonderful one with a booking to make your body feel improved and balanced!

See you at the clinic!

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