Meet Our Newest Counsellors Neelam and Natasha!

We are so very pleased to introduce you to our newest counsellors Neelam Bains and Natasha Burrow! Their biographies are included below for your convenience. If you are curious as to how you might relate to either counsellor and whether therapy with them is a good fit, please email them to set up an appointment for a 15 minute complimentary conversation. Here at the clinic we are cognizant that physical wellness is impacted, supported, and woven through and in, by mental and emotional health. It is truly important for us to have practitioners to help support you in all aspects of health. The last few years have been challenging and stressful for many of us, and mental and emotional health is critical to our well-being. We are happy to have more options available for you to help support you.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Neelam (she/her) is currently a psychotherapist-in-training at the Toronto Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling Education. She works with a diverse population of adults and youth using relational, somatic and mindfulness approaches. With sensitivity to her client’s trauma, felt sense, and inner knowing, therapeutic sessions provide a safe and dignity-oriented space for cultivating shifts in established patterns. As such, possibilities arise to build the capacity for meaning-making and reorienting perspectives to experience groundedness in self-awareness and agency.

With a background in osteopathy, mindfulness and continuum movement, Neelam brings over 25 years of somatic-focused clinical practice to her therapeutic work with clients. Integrating emotions and sensation, cognitive processes and body-centred attunement, this collaborative and creative approach facilitates reconnection with self and others.

She is a mother of teenagers and practices meditation, yoga, somatic awareness and gardening. In addition, Neelam is profoundly interested in approaches and embodied pathways that inspire compassion with self, ecology, community and the world. Email her at

Natasha (they/them) is a psychotherapist-in-training at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. They are a gender non-conforming/non-binary queer whose approach is a blend of embodiment, metaphor, humor, and vitality. Gestalt therapy is a relational, experiential, and embodied approach with the goal to help you become more aware. This awareness can then help you to see your experiences and issues in new or different ways. Natasha will work together with you to co-create a place to explore this awareness in a supported way.

Natasha holds degrees in both Psychology and Professional Writing with a specialization in Book Publishing. They have an active movement practice as well as training in dance and yoga, which greatly influences their embodied response and awareness within the co-created field. They also facilitate training for Egale Canada on a variety of topics related to 2SLGBTQI Inclusivity and Diversity. Natasha provides support in a variety of areas and strives to yield to the wisdom and autonomy of each client. Email them at

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