Neelam Bains

Neelam Bains, Danforth East Wellness, Psychotherapy

Neelam Bains (she/her) is a registered psychotherapist (Qualifying).

Neelam works with a diverse population of adults and youth using relational, somatic and mindfulness approaches. With sensitivity to her client’s trauma, felt sense, and inner knowing, therapeutic sessions provide a safe and dignity-oriented space for cultivating shifts in established patterns. As such, possibilities arise to build the capacity for meaning-making and reorienting perspectives to experience groundedness in self-awareness and agency. Neelam accepts only online appointments, and looks forward to connecting with you in that format.

With a background in osteopathy, mindfulness and continuum movement, Neelam brings over 25 years of somatic-focused clinical practice to her therapeutic work with clients. Integrating emotions and sensation, cognitive processes and body-centred attunement, this collaborative and creative approach facilitates reconnection with self and others.

She is a mother of teenagers and practices meditation, yoga, somatic awareness and gardening. In addition, Neelam is profoundly interested in approaches and embodied pathways that inspire compassion with self, ecology, community and the world. Email Neelam.

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